Urethane Roof Coating – Plano, TX

When considering a roof coating or roof restoration for your commercial building in the Plano, Texas area, it is essential not to overlook the value of the urethane roof coating option.

Roof coatings, in general, offer long-lasting waterproof to your commercial building. They are applied to reduce intrusion in your commercial roof. A roof restoration is the best solution for a myriad of roofing issues.

The commercial roofing contractor you choose to conduct your commercial roof restoration project is fundamental to a good result. It will help if you work with a reputable, dependable, highly-skilled organization to get the best possible outcome. Definitive Roofing and Specialty Coatings, LLC is your premier choice. We can be reached at (903) 820-2110.

Benefits of a Urethane Roof Coating

A urethane roof coating provides your commercial or industrial roof with the flexibility and durability it needs to withstand seasonal weather changes. There are other benefits as well.

Water Resistant. Urethane coatings are highly resistant to water and form a waterproofing layer across your entire roofing structure, protecting the building, people, and inventory underneath.

Reduced Ponding Issues. Unlike other coatings on the market, urethane coatings are not subject to water ponding concerns.

Versatility. Urethane roof coatings will adhere to almost any existing roofing system. This adherence is critical to the formation of a quality, waterproof seal.

Flexibility. The flexible nature of the urethane roof coating allows it to expand and contract with your building during thermal fluctuation. This reduces the risk of damage to the system and keeps your building better protected.

Reflective. Urethane roof coatings are highly reflective. First, they reduce the UV damage regularly inflicted on your roofing system. Second, they reflect solar heat away from your building. This, in turn, reduces your air conditioning bills and keeps your building more comfortable.

Budget Conscious. The addition of a urethane roof coating to your existing system is significantly less expensive and less intrusive than a roof replacement.

Longevity. Correctly applied and properly maintained, a urethane roof coating will add 10-20 years or more to your existing roof. That is another decade or two before a roof replacement becomes a concern. Furthermore, the application can be repeated in many instances, continuing the cycle of improved performance and longevity.

For more information on how a urethane roof coating could benefit both your business and your commercial/industrial building, please call Definitive Roofing and Specialty Coatings today at (903) 820-2110 and schedule your no-obligation consultation.