Roof Coating – Denton, TX

Quality and value are among the founding principles here at Definitive Roofing and as a full-service commercial roofing company, we stay committed to providing our customers throughout Denton, TX and the surrounding areas with only the finest of both of these as well as customer service and craftsmanship. Your commercial roof is a significant investment and our professional roofing technicians are here to help you keep it protected so that it can, without question, deliver the trusted protection it was intended to. One way we can continue to bring our customers the peace of mind they deserve is with our outstanding roof coating, or roof restoration services. Find out if your roof is a good candidate, call our team today at (903) 820 – 2110.

Know the Benefits

Roof coatings continue to be one of the most popular and common roofing services for our team and it’s no surprise to us as to why! With a long list of advantages to offer and at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new roof, we’re sure you’ll love the success you see your roof deliver after we’ve flawlessly applied your new roof coating. Our incredible roof coatings are ENERGY STAR certified meaning they can help to make your building more energy efficient. With up to 85% reflectivity of the sun’s powerful UV rays, this can help lower your utility costs by up to 50% over time! Did we mention these seamless, watertight coatings are fire resistant? We could go on and on, and if you give our office a call today, we will! We’re here to help your roof succeed and we’re proud to share the incredible benefits of this great service!

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If you’re ready to make your building more energy efficient while also allowing you to stay worry free and focus on your other tasks at hand, call Definitive Roofing today and find out more about our quality roof coating and restoration services. We bring building owners, property managers, and more throughout Denton, TX the trusted services and solutions they need and deserve and we’re proud to do so at fair prices. If you believe you have a roof in need, reach out today at (903) 820 – 2110.

Roof Coating Frisco, TX

Looking to get a roof coating from a qualified commercial roofing contractor in Frisco, TX? Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings is the lead option! To get an estimate on a roof restoration project, please reach out to our team today at (903) 820-2110.

Roof Inspections

In order to figure out the right solution for your commercial roof, our roofing specialists will first need to give it an inspection. Setting a roof inspection up is easy — you just need to give us a call. After a thorough inspection, our team will sort out the best solution and provide you with an estimate on the project.

Avoid A Roof Replacement

Who wants to pay for a brand-new roof? Although a roof replacement is, at times, necessary, there are often ways to get your roof back in a condition that you can trust for years. At Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings, we use roof coatings to spare our clients from needing to get as many roof replacements. A roof coating will keep your existing roof intact for years longer!

Lower Utility Costs

Did you know that a roof coating can have a major impact on the energy-efficiency of your commercial building? Lowering your building’s utility costs by increasing the reflectivity of your commercial roof can help a roof coating pay for itself in the long run. At Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings, we are always doing what we can to get people leak-free and eco-friendly roof systems!

Other Services

Apart from restoring commercial roofs, the people of Texas can count on Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings for repairs, custom maintenance plans, roof replacements, and more! We aim to continue being the only roofing company that our clients need. We’ve shown consistency when it comes to our craftsmanship, and we believe that we can handle just about any sort of roofing project.

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Recognizing the right time to restore your commercial roof can lead to major savings on both your roof and your building’s utility costs. To learn more about this solution, the people of Frisco, TX can reach Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings at (903) 820-2110. We will send our crew over to take a look at your roof so that they can determine the right solution for it.

Silicone Roof Coating – Denton, TX

A silicone roof coating could be the answer you’ve been looking for to ensure your building can remain protected, even under the toughest of storms Mother Nature wants to send our way here in the Denton, TX area. Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings provides building owners and more throughout the area with the trusted roof coating and restoration services they need to keep a dependable roof atop their building at all times. Roof coatings continue to be a main focus of ours, while we are a full-service commercial roofing contractor, we know roof coatings are a valuable service that can help you extract the most from your roof and investment. If your building’s roof needs a little TLC, call the Definitive professionals today at (903) 820 – 2110.

Restore or Replace?

It’s not your job to know the answer to this question and our roofing professionals come ready to inspect your roof in its entirety so we can be certain we’re recommending exactly what your roof needs to last. Roof restorations continue to be a wonderful roof replacement alternative, but this is only the case if your roof is still in good condition. Thankfully, many times, restoration is the right answer! Whatever the case, you can trust in our team to make sure your roof is getting what it needs, and you aren’t left to invest in a failing roof.

Preventative Maintenance

Because we’re in this business to help your roof succeed, we offer roof inspection and maintenance plans that will help our roofers know exactly when your roof is due for service or repair. When you stay ahead of the needs of your roof, you can often get a longer life from it while keeping your costs and stress to a minimum year after year. Get your roof on a plan that works for you, call our team today!

Reach Out Today

If you believe you have a commercial roof in the Denton, TX area that could use a fresh silicone roof coating application, now’s the time to reach out to the experts at Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings. The summer is right around the corner and knowing you have a roof that’s ready is a peace of mind all building owners deserve to have. Call us at (903) 820 – 2110.

Elastomeric Roof Coating Denton, TX

If you need a proven roofing company to apply an elastomeric roof coating to your commercial roof, you have come to the right place! Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings has been delivering first-rate roofing services to the people of Denton, TX for a while now. To get an estimate on a new elastomeric roof coating, give us a call today at (903) 820-2110.

Roof Inspections

In order to make sure that a roof coating is the right solution for your commercial roof, we’ll have to first take a look at your roof’s condition. We offer free roof inspections where we can determine the right path for your building. As a full-service roofing company, we always have an answer for any roof problem.

Roof Coating Benefits

An elastomeric roof coating will have a tremendous effect on the condition of your commercial roof. It functions as a watertight membrane that provides your roof with seamless protection from rain. A new roof coating will last well over a decade. Over this time period, your roof will be free from leaks as the roof coating takes the brunt of the rain and sun.

Speaking of sun, roof coatings reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays. This means it will help keep the surface of your roof cooler. This is not only good for your roof, but also for your wallet as the reflectivity of our roof coatings lead to substantially lower energy bills. At Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings, we are always looking to help out our clients in any way possible, from improving the condition of their roofs to making their buildings more energy-efficient!

Cost-Effective Solutions

With Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings, your roof will always receive a cost-effective solution. Elastomeric roof coatings certainly fall into this category. We also offer custom maintenance plans and much more to the people of Texas!

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Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings is the lead option whenever a commercial roof needs an elastomeric roof coating in Denton, TX. We look forward to helping others get more out of their commercial roofs with top quality roof restoration services. Get in touch with us today at (903) 820-2110 to get our team over to take a look at your roof.

Flat Roof Replacement – Sherman, TX

A flat roof replacement can be a stressful thing to deal with, but when you hire the team at Definitive Roofing to install and maintain your flat roof, we make it as pain free as possible. The team you hire to replace your flat roof is incredibly important to ensure that your new investment will last as long as possible. Our team has been around for nearly two decades and will get your new flat roof installed flawlessly so that you can feel good knowing it will last for many years to come with the proper maintenance. For any flat roof replacement questions, you might need answered, just reach out to us at (903) 820 – 2110. We are the team to call in Sherman, TX and the surrounding cities.

Be Certain It’s Time

We have been around long enough to see many of the common mistakes other roofing companies tend to make and sadly, one of these is letting clients replace their roofs too early. At Definitive Roofing, we certainly won’t let you continue to put money into a failing roof, but we will also let you know if your roof can last for a few extra years with some of our restorative options.

Roof coatings are a fantastic way to save money and add years to the life of your current roof. If your roof is in good enough condition, then we will recommend a roof coating before we recommend replacing it. A roof coating is a seamless, watertight layer that can be added to your current roof to bring it back to like new condition and last for several more years.

If your roof has indeed lived its full life, then we will gladly give you all the information on the different types of flat roof replacement options available and help you choose the right one for you, your building, and your budget. We will get your new flat roof installed quickly and make sure to leave the site cleaner than before we arrived.

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When you feel it is time for a flat roof replacement, give our team a call at (903) 820 – 2110. We are ready to help more clients in the Sherman, TX area and can answer any questions you might have to ensure you get the roof you want.

Do You Want to Restore Your TPO Roof?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin – more commonly known as TPO – is a single-ply membrane. This membrane is reflective in nature as a result of which, and most of the ultraviolet rays bounce off. Due to TPO’s reflective property, the temperature of your commercial building indoor remains low. Unluckily though, all roofing materials are going to decline after a specific period; although TPO has a substantial lifespan, it will ultimately weaken. That is when you will need to get in touch with a trusted roofing contractor for the restoration of your TPO roof. Looking for a top-grade industrial building owner in Sulphur Springs, TX? Look no further than Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings. Call us anytime at (903) 820-2110 for long-lasting roofing services!

The Issues with TPO Roofs

Even though TPO roofs repel the detrimental UV rays, extended exposure to them undo the adhesive used in its installation; precipitation and foot traffic have the same effect. As a result, your roof winds up contracting leaks and cracks, which can sometimes, go unnoticed and become something much worse. So, we suggest you reach out to us for an inspection as soon as you can. Through this inspection service, you will have a much clearer idea of where your roof stands!

Restoring Your TPO Roof

Once we have carried out a detailed process to measure the saturation level of your roof, we suggest you a solution that is in your best interests. Under normal circumstances, if the saturation level is greater than 25%, we resort to a roof restoration, which involves reinforcing your roof and applying the most compatible roof coating on its surface. If, however, the saturation level is more than 25%, the recommendation would be to remove the existing TPO completely and apply a new one in its place.

Give Us a Call Today!

If you are a building owner in Sulphur Springs, TX, you can reach out to Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings for each one of your roofing needs, including TPO roof restoration. Hence, if you ever feel dubious about the state of your TPO roof, go for our qualified roofers by ringing us at (903) 820-2110!

Silicone roof coatings – Sulphur Springs, TX

Silicone roof coatings have been refined over many years to ensure the highest level of protection is provided upon proper application. It’s a green product that doesn’t require chalking and makes a structure more weatherproof. This coating choice is typically the most expensive material available, but it is an investment that can save you a lot of money over time. Well, if you are a property owner in Sulphur Springs, TX, your primary choice is Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings. Feel free to reach out to us today at (903) 820-2110.

Silicone roof coatings offer some of the highest durability ratings when compared to other options currently on the market. It lasts a long time without deteriorating too much in the weather, saving you money on upkeep costs. Once the product has been properly applied, the roofing surface will be extremely resilient against the elements.

Silicone requires air and sunlight to cure.

Unlike other roofing materials, a silicone coating only needs to be exposed to moisture in order to cure. It is recommended that this roofing option be installed during the hot summer months when humidity levels are high for the best product cure, according to some roofing contractors. When an update or installation project is nearing completion, silicone can be used instead of a primer in some cases.

The building is safeguarded from water accumulation.

A flat roof will always have a puddle that collects water. The erosive effects of standing water on other surfaces can cause damage to the building itself. Utilizing a silicone roof coating significantly increases the durability of the completed project. The water won’t move around until it drains properly or evaporates and returns to nature. As a result, you’ll save time and effort on upkeep because you won’t have to send someone to the top to get rid of puddles as soon as they form.

If you are a property owner in Sulphur Springs, TX, your primary choice is Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings. Feel free to reach out to us today at (903) 820-2110.

Is Metal Roof Restoration Worth It?

Are you on the lookout for top-grade metal roof restoration technicians with an extensive background in the construction industry? Well, if you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Sulphur Springs, TX, your primary choice is Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings. For more than 18 years now, we have been assisting the commercial and industrial building owners of Texas. By utilizing cost-effective metal roof coatings, we strive to improve your roof’s condition. Feel free to reach out to us today at (903) 820-2110 if you want to obtain an estimate for your metal roof restoration project!

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

For an immaculate construction of a metal roof, you need a large sum of money. However, there are a plethora of reasons which make it so costly. Aside from having a lifetime of decades, it is also very appealing and very useful in the protection of your business premises from various environmental elements. If you want to get the most out of the investment you made on your metal roof, you must make some important decisions, and that is where the vast experience of Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings comes into play. By applying a roof coating, we will dramatically boost the entire state of your metal roof. Note that aside from metal roof restoration, we are fully capable to provide other premium services as well.

Experts at Metal Roofing

At Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings, our team is composed solely of dedicated and skilled metal roof specialists, who have more than 18 years of commercial roofing experience. So, they have the know-how for a range of metal roof problems. Additionally, our team ensures that the roofing materials that they use are of the greatest standard so that whatever work is being conducted on your roof can be confidently depended upon for decades!

Reach Out Today!

For a metal roof restoration project carried out in Sulphur Springs, TX, you have no better choice than Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings. Having an exemplary track record of nearly two decades, we know exactly what your metal roof needs to stay in a sound state. Call us today at (903) 820-2110 and we will inspect your roof comprehensively!

Are You Looking For Top Commercial Roofing Companies In Sulphur Springs, TX?

With a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to acquiring a commercial roofing company, choosing the right one for your commercial roof can be a daunting task. If your commercial building is based in Sulphur Springs, TX, and you need durable commercial roofing solutions, then Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings is your leading choice. Being in the roofing trade for around 20 years, we always work hard to ensure that our neighbors get the protection that they deserve from their business roofs. For that, give us a call today at (903) 820-2110!

An In-Depth Inspection Process

Regardless of the roofing service you require, we always kick off with a detailed roof inspection. Once you ring us a bell, our craftsmen set out for your business premises and inspect each and every single inch of your roof. According to their findings, they share with you their suggestions and provide you with a free-of-charge estimate. Being a commercial roofing company that has been around for 18 years, we understand the decisive difference that regular roof inspections can make in ensuring that your commercial roof lasts for many years. So, besides being detailed, our roof inspections are inexpensive as well.

What Allows Us to Stand Out?

Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings is known across the state of Texas for its state-of-the-art solutions to roofing issues. Regardless of the type of your roof – be it a flat, single-ply, or metal roof, our roofing specialists have the ability to properly inspect and resolve its issues.

Our crew is divided into two separate groups; one group deals with the installation of roofs and their replacements while the other handles all sorts of roof repairs and coating. It is worth mentioning that our entire crew goes through a very tough screening process to be where they are. Before commencing their work, our roofing specialists will evaluate all the available options so that only the most feasible one is picked.

Call Us Today!

The wear and tear that your commercial roof suffers in time cannot be prevented. Hence, it is better that you have a dependable commercial roofing company serving you. If you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Sulphur Springs, TX, feel free to reach out to Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings at (903) 820-2110 for long-lasting solutions.

Elastomeric Roof Coating – Sulphur Springs, TX

One of the best ways of having the roof of a commercial building restored and acquiring more years of top-notch performance out of it is by having it coated. There are assorted roof coatings that Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings bring offers, with elastomeric roof coating being one of the most effective ones. Our talented roofers are skilled in each one of the complexities involved in its installation. It will be an honor for us to apply it on your commercial roof so that you can continue receiving unchallenged protection from your commercial premises. If you need elastomeric roof coating professionals in Sulphur Springs, TX, reach out to us any time at (903) 820-2110!

Advantages of Elastomeric Roof Coating

By providing a seamless layer on the top of your entire roof, an elastomeric roof coating gives you and your commercial premises a range of advantages. First off, your roof acquires increased protection against UV rays, pollutants, and saline air. Secondly, an elastomeric roof coating is resilient against all sorts of hazards, including hurricanes and thunderstorms.

Furthermore, an elastomeric roof coating, just like all other coatings, is reflective in nature, so it causes your commercial building to remain cooler, which, in turn, reduces your energy bills.

Last but not least, a roof that has an elastomeric roof coating is very easy to maintain, especially considering that you have the craftsmen of Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings at your disposal.

Get the Most Out of the Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric roof coatings are known for adding an extra at least a decade to the lifetime of your failing roof. However, for that to happen, its installation must be on-point. Luckily for you, you have the well-known roofers of Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings handling all your roofing requirements. They will warranty world-class workmanship!

Ring Us Today!

Are you looking for trustworthy roofers for your elastomeric roof coating project in Sulphur Springs, TX? Look no further. The craftsmen at Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings specialize in all sorts of roof coating projects, including elastomeric roof coating. Ring us today at (903) 820-2110 for a cost-free consultation!