Urethane Roof Coating Frisco TX

Definitive Roofing and Specialty Coatings provides a wide variety of coatings in a bid to become the best roof restoration company in Frisco, Texas, and nearby regions! We have spent years perfecting the types of coatings we provide to commercial business owners. During this time, we have figured out all the best companies in the US to source these coatings from and have also spent a lot of time training our team of professional roofers on how to use these coatings. Urethane roof coatings are also part of our list of coatings. It is a great option for restorations as it forms a strong and durable layer on top of roofs and protects them for years! It is one of the most popular elastomeric coatings available in the state. To find out more about our urethane coatings or our other roof coatings and restorations services, you can call us at 903-820-2110.

Our Application Process

The first part of our application process involves inspecting and cleaning the roof. This way, we sort out any instant repairs or leakages and provide a clean base for the coating to go on. The cleaning part also involves washing and drying the roof so that no dust particles come in between the coating and the surface when it is being applied.

The seams and other delicate parts are coated with urethane. For the rest of the roof, a primer is applied first and then the urethane coating. A topcoat of silicone is applied to cap off the entire task. It takes around half a day for the coating to cure and become a permanent layer.

The coating helps the seams in your roofs not to expand and contract during really sharp weather changes. It has lots of other benefits that are explained below.

Pros of a Urethane Coating

This coating is highly water-resistant and will make your roof sturdier. It is also going to give your roof more strength to withstand any rough weather in your region (such as storms and snowfalls). Also, if you opt for such a coating, water accumulation (ponding) will no longer be an issue for you.

It is also a versatile coating. It can stick to a lot of different types of flat roofs, such as EPDM and TPO roofing systems. They expand with the roof; therefore, the chances of leakages and other stress damages are lower.

On top of all these benefits, it will also save you on cooling costs. It is reflective and provides UV protection as well. Heat retention will no longer be an issue for any of your roofs!

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To find out more about our urethane roof coatings, you can call us at 903-820-2110. We have serviced clients all over Frisco, Texas. Definitive Roofing and Specialty Coatings is here to innovate the roof restoration and coatings sector for good!