EPDM Roof Restoration – Texarkana, TX

With time, acute weather conditions have badly damaged commercial roofs, causing the owners to spend hefty sums on having them in top form. Nevertheless, there is no permanent solution to this problem. Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings is always on hand to serve the commercial building owners of Texarkana, TX. Get in touch with us at (903) 820-2110 and we will help you out with any questions that you may have regarding your roofing system.

Preparing the Surface

Kicking off the EPDM roof restoration service with a neat surface is key to installing EPDM roofing. This means getting the area free of any debris, grease, and dirt. On top of that, the surface needs to be completely dry.


The next step is the measurement and marking of the project area to keep the sheets straight and minimize the likelihood of wrinkles and bubbles. You need enough EPDM membrane to cover your whole roof, the edge of the roof, and the walls around it.

Preparing the EPDM Sheet

If your commercial roof is immense, then we recommend reaching out to Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings for expert assistance. Poorly installed seams are among the most important causes of moisture damage and leaks.

The EPDM roof membrane is unwrapped and laid on the roof surface. The rubber then expands naturally during the phase of rest.

EPDM Sheet Application

When it comes to the proper installation of the EPDM sheet, it needs to be used one-half at a time. Start from the edge of the wall and end at the edge of the roof. When it comes to the use of a water-based adhesive, roll the glue onto the roof with a paint roller. Keep rolling the EPDM ahead and move to the next section of the sheet. After rolling it out, make sure to sweep the sheet with a large broom to reduce bubbles and make the connection stronger.

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