All You Need to Know About an Acrylic Roof Coating

After being applied as a liquid, acrylic coatings are seamless and adhere strongly to your roof’s surface. This type of roof coating was created precisely to be strong and pliable. An acrylic roof coating can therefore be used with any roof type. This technology is ideal for restoring and mending roof systems, extending their lifespan. This type of coating is a fantastic choice for low-slope or flat commercial roofs with strong membranes. If you are a property owner in Denison, TX, your top choice should be Definitive Roofing & Specialty Coatings. Contact us today at 903-820-2110 for more information!

Sunlight Reflection

Asphalt roofs absorb the sun’s UV radiation. However, thanks to their UV-blocking pigments, acrylic coatings are highly reflective. Less sunlight is absorbed, which can lower your cooling expenses and make the interior temperature more comfortable.

This reflectiveness also allows your roof to last for longer. Thanks to this, acrylic roof coatings are long-lasting and require little maintenance.

Easy Application

Acrylic roof coatings are environmentally friendly, because they are made of water. The result is an efficient application process.

Because of its quick application, you won’t even need to leave your building! This means your business operations can continue as usual.

The equipment used in this process is very simple, which means there are fewer problems your contractor will encounter. A roof replacement can be very time-consuming, but an acrylic roof coating can save you both time and money.


Because the coating can be applied directly to the existing framework, the overall installation time is low. An acrylic roof coating requires very little work, and the materials are inexpensive. See for yourself how an acrylic roof coating can help you!

Full-Service Company

With over 18 years of expertise as a full-service roofing contractor, we are qualified to handle your roof coating needs. Whenever we start any project, we always begin with a careful inspection. Once we have determined the necessary steps, we will begin working.

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